Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch earthquake

February 22 2011
On the news last night Christchurch was shaken by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. They were very devastated by the horrible event. It was heart breaking and the prime minister said it was New Zealand's darkest day. The people were sent to evacuate Christchurch.

There are 65 people reported dead, but that number is expected to rise. Many others are just trapped under all the rubble shouting for help.They can’t see because of all the dust in the air. There houses a wrecked into bits of wood and bricks.

People were running around and screaming looking for their loved ones.Many people were trapped in cars and bleeding.

It happened at 12.51pm on Tuesday there was allot of liquefaction and it was very smelly and there is lots of rubble littering the city.

Christchurch will have to be built again, it will take a while,cor they might never ever finish rebuilding Christchurch.

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