Friday, March 28, 2014

Reading DLO A Tour Like No Other

List the sub headings in the article.Briefly summarise what the article is about.  How long ago was it?  
The t
Some of the Players
Stopping the tour
Supporting the tour
Old Rivals
Apartheid:  South Africa Divided ...
Springboks vs Manawatu
Versus the All Blacks
The Final Score
The Tour

Is there a map/diagram in the article?  What does it tell us?  What other text features are used in the diagram/map?  What page is it on?
The map of New Zealand is about the public opinion about the Springbok tour It is exactly like a election for the prime minister. It also shows little circles that have three different colours blue is for No that they do not want them white is for people who have no idea and green is for Yes that they do want the tour to come to New Zealand. Also the map is located on page 4.

Are their photos? What pages and what are the photos of?   What do they show us?  
There are photos on page 2,3 and 4 page 2’s photos are of all the police lined up ready for any crazy like protesters. Page 3 is one of the earlier games between the two rivals The All Blacks and the South african Springbok. On Page 4 there are two different pictures the first one is of Robert Muldoon he strongly believed that politics should stay out out of sport. Lastly the next photo is the protesters trying to get their message out there by trying to pull down gates.
Is there a time line?    What page?  What does it show us?

The timeline is probably mostly populated in the text boxes and also near the pictures that shows what time did it happen and it is on every page.  

Friday, March 21, 2014


Pyramids are very humongous, in ancient times they were used to mummify dead people and to put very well treasured things like gold and pots also necklaces. People now use them as a historical tourist attraction. Also to see things that walked many many years before our time. The Pyramids are extremely hard to make especially if you are going to make one that was exactly the same as the ancient ones, it would probably take you months even years. Although it just looks like a BIG pile of bricks stacked very neatly. Ancient Egyptians also used pyramids for many other reasons.

Finally people, slaves and kings slaves were probably one of those things that most kings needed in order to be kingly. If a king did not have slaves everyone would think that he was nothing but a king with no slaves. So slaves were very important they built most of the pyramids we see today. It was a hard working process with guards forcing them to work harder and burning under the flaming hot sun. Also they did not have much water to drink so many of the slaves died of thirst so this means that they would have to get even more slaves.

Science with Mr Barks

Firstly we have to walk all the way to class one, Then Mr Barks would come out and command us to come in quietly. So we did as he said. We ran in try look for a good place to sit to see all the demonstration “Ok Class today we are going to learn about density” density is mass simply it is the weight of something. Then he tells us about different liquids that density’s are different so we had a little demonstration from him. He stacked different liquids into a very small plastic cup to see if there would be three different layers. First he used corn syrup because it weighed the most later he added dishwash soap.

Later he added canola oil and the demonstration was successful it stayed three layers everyone was amazed as they saw a really weird thing happen right in front of their eyes. Finally Mr Barks announced that we were going to have a turn at doing the experiment. First Mr Barks filled three different plastic cups and told us to wait until everyone was ready to pour the liquids into the other cups.

“Ok guys you have to pour the liquids into the corn syrup”. Amazingly we did not fail it was successful. Everybody gazed at the mystical little cup that everyone thought that was magic but it was time to leave , everyone sighed. So we marched down to class.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Complex Sentences

Complex sentences – clauses and conjunctions.
Change each sentence according to the instructions.
Remember to use commas to mark the clauses and don’t be afraid to add adjectives, adverbs and powerful verbs!
  1. Add a verb opening to the beginning (add more action) and extend the sentence using so.
The cat sat on the mat so that meant that everybody would try and dodge the cat if they were walking past it.
  1. Add an adverb opening to the beginning (explains the action) and extend the sentence using as.
The man opened the door as his dog came sprinting towards him.
  1. Add extra information to explain the noun (using who, which that, whose) and extend using although.
The girl walked into the classroom although she had walked through the door the teacher already marked as absent .
  1. Add a time phrase to set the scene and extend using because.
Dad lit the fire because there was nothing around them accept for the trees and pitch black sky.
  1. Add a place phrase to set the scene and extend using when.
The football flew through the air when the goalkeeper hacked the ball away.
Here’s a tricky one!!
  1. Add an opening of your choice, extra information (who, which, whose and that) and extend using a conjunction of your choice.

The shark swam swiftly, but the fish was to fast for him

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Divison in Parts Strategy

How to Hit the Ball & How to run the base

First of all you have to have a good stance before you hit the ball so the best option is to bend your knees to a 45 degree angle and put the bat just above your shoulder and then you have a really good stance and you are ready to hit the ball. Baseball was originally born in New York City and then it grew bigger and bigger. But it was most popular in America because the sport was home grown. Now if the pitcher can pitch really fast it is a better option to hit it as far as possible. You gotta watch the pitcher do a few practise throws so you know how he pitches.  

So when the ball travels towards you it is best if you would hit the ball near the tip of the bat or also called the sweet spot. If you hit it just right you could whack the ball out into space and back again. Now all you need left is running the diamond before the ball gets  to the base keeper. When you sprint towards the first base before getting to it you have to move your hips so you can turn touch the base and run off to the next.

So it means that before you get to a base you would have to swerve your hips before getting there. Moving your hips to a 40 degree angle is probably one of the best options before getting to the first base. But when you run towards the second base you have to turn your hips earlier than the first because you might have built up speed. So if you were running towards third base you would do exactly the same thing that you did for base one. Finally for the last for the last you don’t have to swerve or anything the last base is about speed and getting there before the fielders throw the ball at the backstop.

Hopefully that will help you with hitting a lot of home runs in your baseball games and help you with running the bases.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bro Army Partnership

This is our Partnership Movie


FANBOYS is a aronym that is mostly used for simple sentences but not complex.
 F: For
A: And
N: Nor              
B: But
O: Or
Y: Yet
S: So
 It also makes your writing just a bit more interesting. You can use it for compound sentences so that means if you write a sentence and then use one of these words from FANBOYS and add another sentence. So a compound is a sentence joind togethe by one of these words.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Maths DLO

This is my maths DLO , WALT use the strategy 'Division in Parts' with larger numbers.

Jabez Crane Story Differences

                                            TSURU ONGAESHI STORY DIFFERENCES

The two stories have kind of a same feeling about it but it is not quite the same because they have different ways of starting the story. On the paper version the book is about a old couple who lived far away and on the online version it started about the bird falling out of the sky and landing in front of a farmers son. Although they have many differences there's also one thing that's is the same. They both talk about how the crane pays them back for help the bird fly off into the mountains.