Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art Gallery

                 This was my most wanted painting at the art gallery It was great because it looked so realistic and there was lots of dedication to the painting. It is a painting by Seini Minoneti . I was blown away when I saw the painting its amazing and just the thing I was looking for. It was so awesome I couldn't speak properly.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Highlight of term 2

              Term 2 is coming to an end and my best highlight  was rugby league because we played a heap of games it was so tiering that in the third game I felt like passing out A.S.A.P. Playing pour hearts off on the field we fort like lions and ran like leopards and had the strength of an bulls horns. We just won the shield by 2 points and now were are going to go to the auckland champions.We had the greatest celebration.

                                  But the open weight just came 3rd by just a little bit.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the best NBA teams in history starting with how they beat The Miami Heat last year to win the NBA Championship. They also won the fiba cup. My favourite player, Dirk Nowitzki does amazing dunks and three pointers and Vince Carter too. He is one of my cousins inspirations to get better at basketball.

The warriors grand final

They had a big desire to win it was the game of their life. It was the mighty challenge for the warriors they were going to play the manly sea eagles in the grand final they hoped to lift the trophy they have many fast players.

The kick off started for the warriors at the grand final anxious to get the ball. barging through the defence line they sprinted down the side line Shawn Johnson got tackled they started to get nervous. Manly sea eagles were just getting started.

Sadly manly got the first try then Manu Vatuvai got our first try for the warriors they started to get more confident they did big hit ups and bump offs every one thought the warriors were going to win from the drop goal.

That was a awesome game but sadly manly won the game as the warriors saw the manly sea eagles lift the trophy.

The Twits

Swooping just at the top of Mr twit and Mrs twit the two ravens dropped the paint brushes out of there beaks and claws. Splat the twits felt a little dropping of the sticky glue. They walked into the house to reload there shot guns as they opened the door what happened everything is on the walls.

“We must be upside down’’ said Mr twit so they turned upside down . Then Mrs Twit said “were stuck here forever because of your sticky glue”. “You maybe” said Mr Twit he wriggled but he couldn't get out .

One day a little boy came to there house when he looked through the door all he could see was a pair of old clothes and a old walking stick.