Monday, February 27, 2012

Duffy Theater

When we entered the hall we saw the little kids cheer and screaming out Duffy. Floating around at the back we saw a glimpse of Duffy and his red shirt. Popping out of the back there was Duffy! The kids were laughing and cheering. Out popped scruffy. Some of the new kids have never ever seen a show before.

The show began with a blast! They were doing their act with crowd cheering. It was so funny for them I thought there heads were going to blow up. There was a part when scruffy and Duffy were beat boxing. Then they had the best book in the world, they picked random people to be the books and two girls to be the door. They were playing as usual. We all had alot of fun and laughter.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Picasa Faces

1. Usually at school I feel Happy when I play with all of my friends.

2. Sometimes at school I feel wonderful when I get free time .
3. Normally at school I feel bored when People talk on and on.
4. At school I feel confused when people are talking at the same time.
5. Some times at school I feel amazed when I get green cards.