Friday, December 14, 2012

Tupac Shakur Madness

A man has admitted to the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur, claiming he was paid $2,500 to rob the rapper at Manhattan's Quad studio witch is where tupac recorded. Dexter Isaac, serving a life sentence on  charges, said he was hired by hip-hop manager Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond to ambush and mug Shakur, setting off three years of reprisals that left shakur and notorious big.

Graffiti Artists

Graffiti artists are people that do street art around the globe and world. Its just like painting but anywhere but if you tag or whatever in a non graffiti area the security or police will hunt you down to fine you or take you to jail for a little while. But this street art is one of the most best sellers in art sellers and it is a great art to try.

Facebook Warnings

Facebook is really bad if you are not the appropriate age for one. You could get many fines and you could go to jail for a long time. You can get hacked and then fined millions of dollars beyond imagination. But if you are the right age you can have free will but if you cyber bully witch is illegal . You maybe fined and other stuff... Like other models and actors they have been fined and put into jail for this stuff.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Since we got our netbooks a lot of doors have been opened for everyone. Overall this year has been fantastic because I have learnt many new things and the netbook has changed my life. Its been one of the most challenging years because new kids have come and they don't know how to use a netbook and we have to tell them everything that they need to know. And there are a lot of topics to cover and some new tools have helped me gigantically.

One positive is using my initiative to solve problems like how to make our netbooks run for longer. I especially love the way that you can be as creative as you want. It is like the best computer I have ever used in life. Its great that many other schools get the chance to use them to there is almost over 800!! kids using them.

But there are problems because it is not very protective around the outsides of the screen and the hinges aren't strong enough, they just pop off at random times. Next year I would look forward to new hinges that are better and stronger and that can support your netbook. Overall I would give the protection a 5 out of 10. It's sometimes great but it can break easily if you drop it by accident.

Overall I like the quality of it  and a heap of thanks to all the people that could make this possible for everyone around our area its great for our type of are. Hopefully we can get improved computers next time and that is a big thanks to everyone.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Day My Toy Came Alive

My favorite NFL player toy  is Drew Brees along with his team the saints they have had one of the most biggest hits in nfl history. Drew Brees is one of the shining quarterbacks right now I heard that he through one of the longest balls in NFL and  they scored a big touchdown. Drew Brees went on to be my best player in nfl. They made it into the playoffs a few years ago and they almost won the superbowl. I hope they succeed and strives to strike and I hope they execute  the other teams.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adventure Quest Worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds a.k.a AQW is a hit game since 2008 the smash has been a local online game. The Features are Classes and Swords and Clashing equipment. Upon creating an account, players are asked to choose one of four "starting classes" to be as their personal character, which are warrior, mage, healer, and rogue. When the players start the game, they will also automatically receive a default weapon.

 In AQWorlds, there is little meaning of weapons; they are all based on art quality. The only significant choice a player can make about a weapon based on how "good" it is when viewing a weapon's base damage range. Otherwise, the weapon which come in either a sword, mace, axe, pole n also receive reputation for a certain faction in order to gain ranks again, 1-10 for completing the various quests and quest chains in the game.

Legend of Korra

In the two-part finale of Book One: Air, naval reinforcements from the United Forces, led by Zuko's grandson Iroh, are defeated by Equalist sea mines and biplanes. Attempting to find Amon, Korra learns that Tarrlok and Amon are both sons of the bloodbender Yakone, who was defeated some 40 years ago by Avatar Aang, as well as water- and bloodbenders. In a showdown with Amon at one of his rallies, Amon is able to strip Korra of her power to bend all elements but in desperation she unlocks her airbending. After Mako and Korra manage to overpower and publicly unmask Amon as a waterbender, Amon flees with Tarrlok, who later detonates their boat on the open sea. The despondent Korra finally manages to establish spiritual contact with her predecessor, Aang, who restores her bending powers, allowing her to do the same for Amon's other victims.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Blog Writing Avatar Ep 3

Aang recovers from his long coma to find his allies disguised as Fire Nation soldiers on a Fire Nation ship Aang also finds himself possessing a new head of dark brown hair, while Zuko has been restored to the position of crown prince and Iroh is imprisoned as a traitor. Sokka has planned a small-scale invasion of the Fire Nation to defeat Fire Lord Ozai, taking advantage of the solar eclipse, staged by various allies encountered in previous episodes. 

After initial success, the invasion ultimately fails, and only Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, and a few others escape. Zuko, now in a change of heart, defies his father and decides to teach Aang Firebending; though it takes a while to make up for a year's worth of dogged pursuit, he eventually manages to prove his change of heart and is adopted wholeheartedly into the Avatar's party.

My Holiday Fear

Facing my worst fear the fear fall. As I got on I gulped, my heart was rapidly beating. The ride started to move, I looked to the side my brother was shacking and trembling . I was breathless as the ride came to a end. I felt fearless. When I stood on my own two feet I almost fainted like a 100kg rock. But I stood up and felt like I could tackle any obstacle. So we went on another ride called the invader I stared at it and it just stared back with emptiness like it was lonely so I went on I felt like spewing.

So I decided that we would go home so we did we went and I played on my new ps3 I played all the time until I got bored of playing.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Voice Over

Basketball is a sport that has been played for years it has been a crowd pleasing game for  many years. Michael Jordan is the best player the world has seen and will see. Just looking at him inspires you to become a basketball player. If you wanted to be a basketball player you will need a pair of sneakers and uniform from the manager or the boss of the team. It is tough at times to avoid contact on the court,and a “foul” may be registered to a player if they have contact with another player. 

100 points is the highest that any shooter can get in all of basketball history and also even higher. There is also are dunking competition going around the country in America. This sport has turned people into fantastic superstars and into inspirations.


It's called Superior Nasal Operational Transport,"I said , "and you do it by sneezing." I closed my eyes, sneezed and disappeared. Then with another "Achoo,"I if this have ever happened appeared inside the school's pet-ground. A two-headed snarky-dink yodeled and a cloud of orange gas poofed from under my tail, but the other animals ignored me.

I elbowed my twin sister, EmmaLee, and said, "Hey, if you take the first letter of each word in Superior Nasal Operational transport, it spells SNOT."
EmmaLee shook her head with disgust and I wondered if her red pigtails would fly off. "Cameron, that's awful!" She pulled a glowing purple Kleenex from her pocket and dabbed her nose.
"And it's SNOT funny, either." I grinned and waited for her to groan or hit me in the arm.

Just then, the buzzer honked, "Ooga, ooga, oog," signaling the end of school and I tried my first SNOT sneeze to see if I could make it home before EmmaLee.
Only something went wrong. I landed outside of town, in that falling-apart wooden building where they used to keep something called cows. Two old, rusted tractor-thingies sat there, so I stayed and played on them-until a weird animal with two yellow legs and clawed feet strutted over.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Greg Inglis

Rugby Union Tournament

Friday morning commenced we ran to the staffroom with our coach rob eagerly waiting for the rugby tournament to begin, we dressed up and went for a little practise session. Walking down to the reserve we had butterfly's in our stomach. The referee blew the whistle chasing and tackling try after try we won our first game seven to zero. We triumphed the next three games as we came to the fourth suddenly tiredness struck us. But we breezed through that match.

It came to the final game the whistle blew the ball went flying through the air try and try again everyone went off the field and back on. It was the most fearsome game in the whole thing finally it was half time  we waisted Bailey Roads teams energy in the first half. So rob said that we had to play as like use are at the Auckland champions kicking and driving over in the ruck we played as hard as we could.  Finally we won the game celebrating with the win rob shouted to us that we were going Auckland champions.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is the fastest sprinter of all time he has been winning olympic medals ever since his reign started. The Jamaican sensation is known for his medals and winning. Bolt was born in 21 august 1986 in sherwood content.As a child, Bolt attended Waldensia Primary, where he first began to show his sprinting potential. He now holds six olympic gold medals for that he has been crowd the best sprinter that the word has ever seen.

Along with his teammates, he also set the world record in the 4x400 relay. He is the reigning champ in these two events. He won two olympic gold medals, He is the first man ever to win six gold medals in sprinting. Including being the five time world champion. Achieving the double golds in the last olympics,executing all his olympic 100m and 200m. Owning his nickname “Lightning Bolt”.

The 2002 world junior champions before a home crowd in Kingston, Jamaica, gave Bolt a chance to prove his credentials on the world stage. By the age of 15, he had grown to 1.96 metres tall, and he physically stood out amongst his peers. The silver medals from the 2007 Osaka World Championships boosted Bolt's desire to run, and he took a more serious, more mature stance towards his career.Bolt continued to develop in the 100m, and he entered to run in the event at the Jamaica Invitational in kingston. On 3 May 2008.

Bolt's record-setting runs caused commentators not only to praise his achievements but also to speculate about his potential to become one of the most successful sprinters ever.Critics hailed his Olympic success as a new beginning for a sport that had long suffered through high-profile drug scandals. The previous six years had seen the BALCO Scandal, Tim montgomery  and Justin Gatlin,Marion Jones stripped of their 100 m world records.All three sprinters were disqualified from athletics after drugs tests detected banned substances in their systems.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adams Claiming Gold

The news came with a terrible cry Belarus shot putter Ostapchuk got stripped from the gold medal after getting tested for drugs. The test said she was positive of using steroids, she crashed to the floor bursting in tears. When they called Adams her eyes flooded she was promoted for the gold, interviewing was everywhere around her.

Adams agreed, telling Radio Live the replacement ceremony would ease her disappointment at not having her win honoured during the games. happiness surrounded Adams as she was still bursting into tears. She said “She wants nothing to do with Ostapchuk."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ben Barba

My Picasso Art

                                            Here is my Picasso rock star it is Michael Jackson that I have drawn.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Immersion Assembly

Sitting on the ground I was half asleep as the music banged into my ears there was a sudden shock. As immersion assembly commenced it was a speech from Mr J. He shouted loud and proud “are you ready Team one’’ he said “Yes” the year ones shrieked . The movie started it was amazing as we got to see the greatest New Zealand athletes that participated in the olympics. The movie ended with the words 'go for gold' that is the topic for this term.

As Team one finished are you ready Team 2 we were shocked when he said it because we were still applauding like crazy. We glared at the movie on the big screen the coldness was surrounding the hall the movie dashing up the stairs. Mrs Barks and her team they were all over the place they were great though. Finally Team three began with a big bang  it was so great with Miss Walters and other teachers I loved it they were the best so far. Then it was Team four we screamed and clapped it was like a herd of animals.

I felt that it was the best ever immersion assembly for me and Team four was the best because they had heaps of funny moments and heaps of time to fill in extra bits and details. I really loved it, it was fantastic. Mr S. was a synchronised swimmer that liked to hook fish. Walking back to class the Immersion assembly was great.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art Gallery

                 This was my most wanted painting at the art gallery It was great because it looked so realistic and there was lots of dedication to the painting. It is a painting by Seini Minoneti . I was blown away when I saw the painting its amazing and just the thing I was looking for. It was so awesome I couldn't speak properly.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Highlight of term 2

              Term 2 is coming to an end and my best highlight  was rugby league because we played a heap of games it was so tiering that in the third game I felt like passing out A.S.A.P. Playing pour hearts off on the field we fort like lions and ran like leopards and had the strength of an bulls horns. We just won the shield by 2 points and now were are going to go to the auckland champions.We had the greatest celebration.

                                  But the open weight just came 3rd by just a little bit.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the best NBA teams in history starting with how they beat The Miami Heat last year to win the NBA Championship. They also won the fiba cup. My favourite player, Dirk Nowitzki does amazing dunks and three pointers and Vince Carter too. He is one of my cousins inspirations to get better at basketball.

The warriors grand final

They had a big desire to win it was the game of their life. It was the mighty challenge for the warriors they were going to play the manly sea eagles in the grand final they hoped to lift the trophy they have many fast players.

The kick off started for the warriors at the grand final anxious to get the ball. barging through the defence line they sprinted down the side line Shawn Johnson got tackled they started to get nervous. Manly sea eagles were just getting started.

Sadly manly got the first try then Manu Vatuvai got our first try for the warriors they started to get more confident they did big hit ups and bump offs every one thought the warriors were going to win from the drop goal.

That was a awesome game but sadly manly won the game as the warriors saw the manly sea eagles lift the trophy.

The Twits

Swooping just at the top of Mr twit and Mrs twit the two ravens dropped the paint brushes out of there beaks and claws. Splat the twits felt a little dropping of the sticky glue. They walked into the house to reload there shot guns as they opened the door what happened everything is on the walls.

“We must be upside down’’ said Mr twit so they turned upside down . Then Mrs Twit said “were stuck here forever because of your sticky glue”. “You maybe” said Mr Twit he wriggled but he couldn't get out .

One day a little boy came to there house when he looked through the door all he could see was a pair of old clothes and a old walking stick.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Ben Carson

Rushing into our lines like a pack of animals we jumped onto the bus the bus was crowded with kids an teachers it was so loud that my ears were going to fall off. Driving on the road we had to jam up and stand up. We were traveling to telstra clear event center to meet Ben Carson,Racing the other bus on the motorway. In the middle of the motorway along came another bus jammed with another school. As we were halfway there It got even louder and louder.

Entering the big and fancy building there was graffiti everywhere of the greatest new Zealand people. We entered the main room eventually we caught up with traffic jams of kids and we tried to squeeze through. Walking straight up the stairs felt like I lost thousands of pounds. Sitting down was a heavenly feeling for me there were a few arrangements with the seats. Along strolled the host and introduced himself he told us wicked stories.

Running up the steps was Ben Carson we were cheering and screaming he came up first there was a movie about how he had grown up as a child the first part showed how he couldn't control his anger. Then he told us how many of us know when our birthday is every one from different schools raise there hands like they were being controlled. Then he said the kids thought he was the dumbest in the class then there was a teacher that hold a rock can anyone tell me whats this is. Ben put his hand up everyone thought that it was going to be funny but he said the right answer.

We rushed back to school in a big hurry.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Duffy Theater

When we entered the hall we saw the little kids cheer and screaming out Duffy. Floating around at the back we saw a glimpse of Duffy and his red shirt. Popping out of the back there was Duffy! The kids were laughing and cheering. Out popped scruffy. Some of the new kids have never ever seen a show before.

The show began with a blast! They were doing their act with crowd cheering. It was so funny for them I thought there heads were going to blow up. There was a part when scruffy and Duffy were beat boxing. Then they had the best book in the world, they picked random people to be the books and two girls to be the door. They were playing as usual. We all had alot of fun and laughter.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Picasa Faces

1. Usually at school I feel Happy when I play with all of my friends.

2. Sometimes at school I feel wonderful when I get free time .
3. Normally at school I feel bored when People talk on and on.
4. At school I feel confused when people are talking at the same time.
5. Some times at school I feel amazed when I get green cards.