Thursday, September 13, 2012


It's called Superior Nasal Operational Transport,"I said , "and you do it by sneezing." I closed my eyes, sneezed and disappeared. Then with another "Achoo,"I if this have ever happened appeared inside the school's pet-ground. A two-headed snarky-dink yodeled and a cloud of orange gas poofed from under my tail, but the other animals ignored me.

I elbowed my twin sister, EmmaLee, and said, "Hey, if you take the first letter of each word in Superior Nasal Operational transport, it spells SNOT."
EmmaLee shook her head with disgust and I wondered if her red pigtails would fly off. "Cameron, that's awful!" She pulled a glowing purple Kleenex from her pocket and dabbed her nose.
"And it's SNOT funny, either." I grinned and waited for her to groan or hit me in the arm.

Just then, the buzzer honked, "Ooga, ooga, oog," signaling the end of school and I tried my first SNOT sneeze to see if I could make it home before EmmaLee.
Only something went wrong. I landed outside of town, in that falling-apart wooden building where they used to keep something called cows. Two old, rusted tractor-thingies sat there, so I stayed and played on them-until a weird animal with two yellow legs and clawed feet strutted over.


  1. Hey Jabez,

    I really liked your writing. It was so funny I laughed! It was so funny and AMAZING!

    From Asena. :)

  2. Hey Jabez,

    What an amazing story! I started to laugh at the very beginning! And I also liked your joke. Keep it up!!!

    From Jouan :)


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