Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tangle Explanation

Did you know a tangle has no beginning and no end?  The teachers assigned us a task, this task was to make a class tangle pattern. This tangle pattern would represent our whanau Panuba. Everyone got a piece of paper to contribute to the tangle pattern.

What is a tangle pattern? A tangle pattern is when each person has a piece of pattern to complete to draw a pattern of their own choice. When everyone has finished their pattern you have to connect them all together to create your tangle. But first we had to think out our whole entire process. We started by looking for the right pattern.

First we had to sketch our pattern the pattern that I choice was a original maori pattern. Than we headed straight into outlining it with a fine tipped pen I decided to choose a very dark blue. After we completed this we colored it until we were pleased with the outcome.Once everyone had completed their piece it was time to put them all together.

This collaborative effort resulted in our class class tangle pattern. Which looks so cool on the wall.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reading Tasks

The Children’s War

Write down any words that you need to find the meaning of

Before reading the text
Read pages 4 and 5 then discuss it with a partner or group.
• How did the title help to prepare you for reading the text?
• Were you surprised to find that it was about children in New Zealand?No because I knew that New Zealand would join because they are supported by the British Empire

The government wanted people to stay positive about the war, even children. It wanted people to see the war as a joint effort – and for those back home to believe that the sacrifices ... to be good for their mothers – and useful. It was their duty to help win the war. They were even encouraged to see themselves as soldiers of the British Empire, just like their fathers at the front.

Why would the government want to influence children’s thinking? So when the children grow up they will be
• What words or ideas help you to understand why this was important?the events of why the kids did it.
• What does “duty” mean to you now? What did it mean then? Duty meant back then is doing your time for your country and “duty” still means the same to me right now.
• How important was being part of the British Empire then? How important is it to us now?
Being apart of it was a big case especially for the men.
Inside the classroom, students spent the day surrounded by maps of the Western Front and photos of Empire heroes. During lessons, they worked their way through the School Journal. Between 1914 and 1918, the Journal contained a lot of material about the war – with one catch: it avoided the unpleasant truth about the soldiers’ experiences. Instead, the war was given a positive spin, with stories of heroism and success.

Turn to a partner.
• Compare the classroom then with your classroom now. What are the main differences?The class has changed because of all the different things that have been happening.
• How would you characterise the School Journal materials now?
• What is your opinion of using the Journal to tell only positive stories about real and terrible events? My opinion is good.

What are the connotations of “with one catch” – is a “catch” usually good or bad?
• What are the connotations of “spin”? Where have you heard this word and in what contexts? Why do you think the writer used these words? What was he implying?

As you read, keep thinking about the connections you’re making with your own lives.
• What do you infer about the role of education in shaping individual and national character?
• What connections can you make between the role of education then and now in relation to New Zealand’s involvement in modern wars?

What does it mean “One in five of them would never come back.”

More information about World War 1

Read about the World War 1 memorials

Research a memorial a bit more and create an information sheet with a picture and labels about the memorial.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Colour Wheel


relax his students andPrimary Colours
The primary colours are probably the most important colours of them all you have your yellow red and also blue. Without the three primary colours there would be no such thing as colours. Because these three colours mix into other colours. For example your yellow and your red if you mix these two colours it will make an orange. Also if you mix red and blue it will end up as violet.
Secondary Colours
The secondary colours are your oranges violets and your greens these three colours are made up from the three primary colours and that is why they are called secondary colours. As I said the primary mix into one of these three colours.
Tertiary Colours
The tertiary colours are a combination of the secondary and the primary colours. There are six different tertiary colours which  are red-orange, yellow-green,yellow-orange,blue-green, blue violet,and also red-violet. Or it can be made out of two secondaries.

Hopefully this explanation of the primary secondaries and Tertiary colours helped you to understand all the different variety of colours and also how to mix the primary colours to make them into the secondary colours.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our Swimming Sessions

During the last two weeks we have been going down to the Glen Innes ywca pools in the afternoon to have some swimming lessons. So firstly we head in and go straight to the toilets and change into our togs. We dip into the pool and wait for our first instructions. “First you are going to practise your freestyle” and we did so back and forth we practised our freestyle until the swimming instructor announced that we have to do it non-stop three laps without touching the ground. We all looked eager to see who would complete the challenge that was assigned. One by one we all kicked off the wall and started swimming when we reached half the length of the pool you could see that most of us are dying out already. It was like fighting to survive in the water most of us made the first one but by then our legs were worn out but on we went. Ready to make another lap, arm after arm kick after kick our legs got tired but luckily we made it and still most of us never touched the ground.

We all held onto the wall to have a little rest. “Go! go! go!” the instructor interrupted two by two we left one in each lane. Quarter the way we all felt like giving up but no we couldn’t  we kept on swimming and finally we hit the other end of the pool and than we all floated on the top of the water like boats. “twenty minutes left to go” said the swimming instructor. But twenty minutes was not enough for us.

AFL Writing

On a Wednesday afternoon class five always head to the courts for a little afl session. First our mentor Tim would tell us to have a little warm up game we would approximately warm up or about twenty minutes. Until it was time to learn a new skill this session we would learn the hand ball. You had to hold the footy in front of your belly button area and pretend that your were going to scoop ice cream and smash it onto the tip of the ball and that were the basics of the hand ball.  So then Tim challenged us to see how many you could do with your partner but without looking. All you could hear was the ball hitting the ground drop after drop after drop suddenly Tim interrupted and said that he would make it a bit easier. This time he allowed us to see but still some people kept on dropping it. Tim stopped the activity and on with the next the next skill was learning all the different marks such as the chest mark which is just catching it. The high mark is when you jump to catch the ball.

Also the low mark which is catching the ball near your legs and the next one is the speci mark which is making a diamond in between your hands and catch. Tim announced to us that we would be having another challenge to see if you could catch the ball with the mark that Tim had shouted catch after catch drop after drop the challenge got harder and harder as he shouted different marks as the ball was traveling through the air.

Term 3 Immersion Assemby

-Around the world athletes
-Athletes competing in sports.
       - Rhythmic Gymnastics - on stage
- Potato sculpture
- Around the World
   The Immersion Assembly
The first morning back to school and it was off to the hall for the immersion assembly. As we entered the hall we saw all the teachers in their costumes and also on the large projector was the main theme for the term which is Game On. Suddenly Mr Jacobson came out in his mountain bike. Speechless was the reaction from the new entrants. Off he went and up to the microphone and spoke about all the different bikes he had and all the great experiences  he's had with them.  Than he changed the subject to Miss Tito who was on the stage cycling on a bike. Then she introduced us to her weird shoes that had things on the bottom that stuck on to the pedals of the bike so she can't fall off the bike. Then she told us about how long it takes to finish a triathlon, it holds three different challenges first swimming than biking and then running. Than it was time for the first video and act from team 1.

Their movie started off with showing some of th countries that are going to compete for the commonwealth games. Like Canada,New Zealand,Fiji,India,Bahamas,Mozambique and many more countries then a short video of the queen came up she had to evaluate all the different countries that were going to compete. After she had evaluated all the countries she gave a big “GAME ON!”. Then team 1 stood up and gave a big bow as team 2 was getting up on the stage ready for their movie.  Firstly it showed all th different sports that the commonwealth holds like sprinting, boxing, rowing, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and also other interesting sports. Then on with the movie and it was into some facts about how the games started and the history behind it. Then suddenly another queen popped up and declared that the games were on.

Soon after it was time for team 3 everyone gave a loud cheer as the teachers from team 3 walked up the stage. Firstly Mrs Barks revealed to us that there were going to do an act with a movie about Rhythmic Gymnastics. They danced and they pranced with many different items, the hoola hoop, balls, and long pieces of string with handles on the end. Tumbling and Falling by far team 3’s movie was the most entertaining passing and hitting back and forth to one another. Until they showed a proffesional video of all the different things that the girls do with the four different items. It showed perfected moves and their training had showed off through their performance. The look of trying to keep concentration while doing a frontflip.

During the exit of team 3 the fantastic team 4 came up, each teacher from their team were representing a country and they had to do a challenge which was called potato scalping. They introduced the referee and she pulled out a red card just to show off but suddenly it said that Canada was disqualified. But on with the challenge the referee blew the whistle off they went like mad dogs crafting and twisting and turning then it showed videos of the crowd doing mexican waves trying to encourage all their different teams. After team 4 came up it was off to team 5’s there theme for their movie was about around the world all the five teachers went to different countries far away from New Zealand like Mrs Nua went to spain and showed us photos of all the different experiences she had Miss Clarke went to New York and also showed all her different experiences and Also Mrs Squires who traveled all the way to Chile to see and also went to Peru to see Machu Picchu and Then Ms Paget  went all the way to Atlanta U.S.A .

Future Aspirations

Future Aspirations

P1 Introduce
main goal of this session
who? What?

Choose the one that inspired you the most
What it is that they inspired you with
ome quotes

Take what she said and how will tag apply to you
What are you going to do? How will what she said help you?

Today team 5 were visited by three very special guests who would try to inspire us for our future jobs. These three  special guests were Mr Jason Sharma, Constable Alfred Faireka and Arizona leger and also Andrew. These three people would try to inspire us through their life stories.  First up was Andrew he introduced himself to us and what his job is and to tell us his perspective of the job. So Andrew’s job is talking on the radio he described to us how fun it can be. He started to describe things that he has to do in order to get to work like waking up at four o’clock in the morning and also having to interview more than fifteen people in under one hour. His main two points was to always have fun in your job and prepare yourself for that career.

Then came up Mr Sharma the audience clapped with excitement  as they couldn’t wait for the next future aspiration. Mr Sharma first introduced himself and then gave us a mind boggling question if the electrical train was going left and the wind was coming from the back where is the steam. It took us about half an hour to get it the answer was that electrical train doesn’t make steam. “Math is very important you simply can not run away from mathematics. But his main point for his speech was make yourself proud and also your parents.

Then came up constable Aldred he firstly introduced himself. But he didn’t start off with what he did he started with all the different things that you could do in the police force such as K9 unit, Eagle eye which is flying around in the helicopter and patrol which was driving the car around a certain area and the SQUAD which was holding guns and covering massive cases.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 has been a term to remember their have been many different things to do like going down to Tamaki College for technology. There have also been many experiences like the science roadshow where we learnt about all the different body muscles and the bones. We have recently been going down to the local pools to have some swimming lessons. There has also been a very successful term in sports like at the east tamaki competition for rugby and rugby league, taking out both of those tournaments and then going to the auckland tournament to place in the top 5. We also learnt a lot through sound and making different instruments we learnt echolocation and sound that can reflect off walls.

Maths and Reading have been good because of all the different strategies. Math has been a great experience because I have grown a lot in maths than ever before. Also with writing I think writing has become one of my favorite subjects to do now. I think that I have excelled in writing more than any other subject.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Science Roadshow

The Science Roadshow

The clock ticked past nine and it was time to head to Tamaki College for the Science Roadshow. We headed out the door excited and ready for a fun time we lined up with class 2 and started our long walk to Tamaki College. Suddenly we stopped at the crossing in front of the school gates there was too much traffic going past so we decided to wait it out. With all the cars gone it was time to go inside the auditorium for the Science Roadshow. When we got up in front of the main doors to the auditorium a man stepped out and introduced us to the show but most  importantly himself. Shane walked us in and told us to take a seat in front of the smartboard. Then the other scientist came out and introduced themselves they us about how our body works and how the muscles work in pairs to make body parts go opposite directions.

Than he pulled out a slideshow of our senses and if we don't use them we can make dumb decisions. So we got a test dummy from the crowd for the experiment first he asked to put on a blindfold and he did so and then he placed two ordinary trays of fruit into our dummy’s hand but one wasn’t ordinary it had brains bones and body parts in it. Luckily the dummy chose the right tray of food. Than he put two pictures of a lion and a crocodile and then he chose the lion so after that suggestion it was time for the last suggestion but this one was a trick the other scientist put on a scary gorilla mask the gorilla put each of his hands in our test dummies hands and then he was commanded to take of the blindfold. When he did the big scary gorilla gave a big yell and our test dummy jumped in fear as he saw a big gorilla in front of his face.

After another short demonstration from the scientist about how much air we can hold in our lungs shane came out and asked us to be careful with the exhibits and leave them as they were before you touched it so the next person who comes along can try it. Up and down the mini air balloon went our heads racing as we tried to figure out how that mini balloon could float by heat and stay in one exact position. When we found out how it worked we started to think if any of the other exhibits were going just as much work. So we headed towards a small wooden pole and beside that pole were six metal bars with a round ball on the tip the trick was that we had to try and balance all six poles on the wooden pole. It was harder than it looked we had to try and figure out how one pole could balance with the other five sticking out of it. “Crash” was all you could hear we couldn’t find out how it worked so we gave up and headed up on the stage to check out the other exhibits.

Luckily those exhibits were not brain tickling they were about how science can be fun. Touching walking feeling and smelling we each used those four things to finish the exhibits on top of the stage. I spotted something on the side of my eye it was a exhibit in the hallway we walked out quietly to check it out me and a couple of boys crawled underneath the exhibit and as we stood up it was like we saw five reflections of ourselves. Sadly we saw another school lined up outside ready for their turn to see all the different experiments me and the boys all walked into the hall as everyone was seated ready to make our way back to school.

But then suddenly they announced that we were going to stay in our seats for one more show with the other school. They showed us how liquid nitrogen can blow a balloon from the outside. Our eyes widened as we saw something really unusual but then one of the scientist gave all the teachers ear muffs and the kids were told to block their ears. They pulled out a balloon with a paper tied to the bottom so they carefully lit the paper and moved out of harms way “BANG” the crowed amazed that a balloon can make such a loud noise. But then they pulled out another balloon but twice the size as the other one , we all covered our ears ready for another big bang.  “KABOOOM” the shock up and across our bodys everyone shook. We all let our hands off our ears and it was time to head back to school. Ready for the next lesson.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Science Match the Sound Activity

I learnt a lot from this game like the more wider the sound wave the lower the sound is and the more that the closer together that the sound waves are that the higher the sound. On this game we had to try and match the sounds. We had to play different sounds and on each level it got. There are only five different levels that you can do and this is a pretty good science experiment. As you can see in the picture you have to move the string at the bottom and play the string to try and match the sound waves.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Badminton Session

Our Badminton Session
The clock ticked past nine and it was time to head for our first badminton session. As we walked through the hall doors we saw our mentor standing in front of the stage. Headed straight to him he asked if we could just sit down in front of him so we did as he said. Once we sat down he started to introduce himself first he said his name Robbie then he commanded us to line up in a single file line and we did he then handed out a rack and shuttle each. We all spreaded out all over the hall. We practised our two grips our fore hand and our backhand first we practised our fore hand just hitting the shuttle up into the air and hitting it again and again. After a few minutes Robbie stopped us to teach us how to do our back hand.

After he taught us how to do our backhand grip we all rushed to our places and started to practise our backhand up and down we hit the shuttle consistently until we missed and then it hit the floor. After five minutes of practising he called us in to have a little team chat. Agreeing to the challenge from robbie that we would use both our grips to hit the shuttle up and down. It seemed that it was harder than it looked. Robbie gave us a couple of extra minutes to practise our grips , after all the time vanished it was time for a team drill.

He demanded us to get a partner and hit it back and forth to each other so we did as he said and kept practising and practising up down back and forth but suddenly Robbie interrupted and said that we were going to have a little competition. "Which two partners can hit the shuttle back and forth" said Robbie so we all lined up in our lines and then we started serving then hitting it as close to each other as possible so we could hit it straight back. When the last pair was still standing Robbie called for another round. 

So we all got up and started swinging surprisingly in the end it was me and my partner that were the last standing. Robbie called off the challenge and told us to come sit in front of him ready to go back to class. We all waved and said goodbye to Robbie as we headed out the door. We were all anxious for our next session.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

I Like to move it move it

Entering the hall with a high expectation for the teachers performances surprisingly there was balloons everywhere lined up perfectly it was a very different immersion assembly to everyone. First up was team 1 there video was of them going to the zoo and they were going to study about the zoo on how things work around the zoo area then Mr Burt announced that it was time for team 2 but first he showed us a picture of a flying house tied to thousands of balloons from the movie Up. So we had a try to see how many balloons would it take to try and carry up a little squishy taxi toy. He tied on the first five and nothing happened everyone was astonished that even with five balloons a little toy car could not float.

So then they tied on another five which made ten we had a breakthrough it floated but then it came back down again everybody scratched their heads in amazement that a little toy car could cause this much effort. So then Mr Burt announced that it was time for another five balloons he suddenly it started to float all the little kids were amazed as they saw something really different. The amazement was gone after a few minutes than Mr Burt quickly said “Team 2 everyone” everybody erupted with happiness. Team 2 came on there theme was airplanes in how they work and what they need in order to work. As team 2 was coming off Mr Burt interrupted and started throwing little squishy rugby balls towards us.  

Jumping everywhere everybody wanted a ball but there was only a little amount so when all the balls were gone there were no more. “Its time for Team 3” shouted Mr Burt. We all cheered and clapped them as they went on the stage, They were dressed in many different colours green red blue yellow they were almost the rainbow their theme for the term was about colours to reflect onto other colours to see a different colour. “Confused” Mrs Barks said everybody sat in silence as they were confused. Than Mr Burt interrupted again and started throwing more squishy white rugby balls.

The teachers of team 3 quickly hopped off and went to their seats “Its time for ?” yelled Mr Burt “Team 4” everybody shouted back team 4 confidently walked on the stage with pirate costumes and fishermen gear their video was about buoyancy and how water works in many different ways and how stuff can float. “Teaaaaam 5” screamed Mr Burt team 5 quickly ran to the front of the stage with weird things suddenly they blowed banged and threw things and they made noises all the little kids were amazed it was like a very own teacher school band. The end music played and off everyone went to their class.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Empathy Explanation


                                   EMPATHY EXPLANATION PICTURE COLLAGE

First we had to locate pictures on the internet to put it onto our collage the first picture is the sun rising on top of the hills I drew this picture because of how empathy helps people get better after something has happened but how does the sun relate to that it relates by helping somebody start feeling good about themselves. Which for the spirit goes up and the sun goes up.

I also drew a pair of shoes that stand for trying to relate to others or trying to understand what someone is going through. So basically it means being in somebody elses shoes, also helping and understanding and to not judge so quickly and put them down into hole of sadness.

I did my border blue because blue is the color of the sky and the sky everyone should know that the sky is a happy place. Like the clouds everybody likes just lying down in the middle of summer under a tree just looking at the clouds. It is also very happy for younger kids as they pretend clouds look like something. So that is the reason that I drew the border in blue.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Night Of Fia Fia!

The big Fia Fia night was a couple of weeks ahead of us and each group would have to perform in front of thousands of people. We would have practises every thursday to perfect each one of our moves and when perfected we had to practise our on and off the stage just to see if we could fit.So as you can see fia fia night is a very special occasion for Pt England School. It's where we show off the different cultures and its where we embrace them as well.

Pulling up to the front of the school with my family I hopped out anxiously as the stage waited for me and my group. Suddenly I saw the crowd it was packed in their hundreds maybe thousands so I walked with my mum to the holding room which was the staff room. As I entered I see most of the other boys just getting ready. “Come here so we can change you into your costume” demanded my mum , so I went towards her and she pulled out my costume out of a plastic bag. When I put it on it felt my heart race as I just realised that my family would be watching me up there on the stage. All the boys were set and ready to go but first we had a serious group talk about representing our parents grandparents aunties uncles and especially ourselves.

We ended the group talk with a little short prayer we all stood up nervously as Mr Jacobson said that we have to go and sit outside in our bare chests except that we had something that came from our shoulder and wrapped around our chest we all grab a spear each and walk through the library and out into the bitter coldness where the stage waited for us.

As we walked towards the seating area we heard a really big cheer for all the groups we went to the place where we were meant to sit and sat. First there was a video that showed us not to go past the taped areas and do not interfere with any of the groups that are on the stage. As we sat the Opening act came which was obviously the Senior Kapa Haka. But then we found out that we were going on 15th we had to wait in the dark cold night for an hour and thirty minutes but it did not bother us in any way at all.

Second was the Jnr Pounamu they shortly did a haka and a nice song and off they went. The MC’s came onto the stage and introduced the bollywood crew everyone clapped in joy as the bollywood song played and went louder and louder. They danced with passion and grace everyone thought. When they went off the stage the nervous Snr Hip Hop group went on and had a blast and a fun time with their dance routine. Then off they went and on with the middle samoan group. When they finished their traditional dance they jumped off as quickly as possible so the asian group could carry the dragon.

Straight after the Asian group on went the Snr Samoan group they looked very confident and confident they were they started great and ended great. On and off they went group by group , then they said it was our time to go on all of a sudden when we got up you could hear the loudest cheer I had ever heard we each grabbed a spear and off into the darkness right next to the stage.I nervously stood there as my groups time awaited us then they announced that the tongan boys had to come on the stage after we had performed we confidently ran off the stage and went back to sit down.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Reading DLO A Tour Like No Other

List the sub headings in the article.Briefly summarise what the article is about.  How long ago was it?  
The t
Some of the Players
Stopping the tour
Supporting the tour
Old Rivals
Apartheid:  South Africa Divided ...
Springboks vs Manawatu
Versus the All Blacks
The Final Score
The Tour

Is there a map/diagram in the article?  What does it tell us?  What other text features are used in the diagram/map?  What page is it on?
The map of New Zealand is about the public opinion about the Springbok tour It is exactly like a election for the prime minister. It also shows little circles that have three different colours blue is for No that they do not want them white is for people who have no idea and green is for Yes that they do want the tour to come to New Zealand. Also the map is located on page 4.

Are their photos? What pages and what are the photos of?   What do they show us?  
There are photos on page 2,3 and 4 page 2’s photos are of all the police lined up ready for any crazy like protesters. Page 3 is one of the earlier games between the two rivals The All Blacks and the South african Springbok. On Page 4 there are two different pictures the first one is of Robert Muldoon he strongly believed that politics should stay out out of sport. Lastly the next photo is the protesters trying to get their message out there by trying to pull down gates.
Is there a time line?    What page?  What does it show us?

The timeline is probably mostly populated in the text boxes and also near the pictures that shows what time did it happen and it is on every page.  

Friday, March 21, 2014


Pyramids are very humongous, in ancient times they were used to mummify dead people and to put very well treasured things like gold and pots also necklaces. People now use them as a historical tourist attraction. Also to see things that walked many many years before our time. The Pyramids are extremely hard to make especially if you are going to make one that was exactly the same as the ancient ones, it would probably take you months even years. Although it just looks like a BIG pile of bricks stacked very neatly. Ancient Egyptians also used pyramids for many other reasons.

Finally people, slaves and kings slaves were probably one of those things that most kings needed in order to be kingly. If a king did not have slaves everyone would think that he was nothing but a king with no slaves. So slaves were very important they built most of the pyramids we see today. It was a hard working process with guards forcing them to work harder and burning under the flaming hot sun. Also they did not have much water to drink so many of the slaves died of thirst so this means that they would have to get even more slaves.

Science with Mr Barks

Firstly we have to walk all the way to class one, Then Mr Barks would come out and command us to come in quietly. So we did as he said. We ran in try look for a good place to sit to see all the demonstration “Ok Class today we are going to learn about density” density is mass simply it is the weight of something. Then he tells us about different liquids that density’s are different so we had a little demonstration from him. He stacked different liquids into a very small plastic cup to see if there would be three different layers. First he used corn syrup because it weighed the most later he added dishwash soap.

Later he added canola oil and the demonstration was successful it stayed three layers everyone was amazed as they saw a really weird thing happen right in front of their eyes. Finally Mr Barks announced that we were going to have a turn at doing the experiment. First Mr Barks filled three different plastic cups and told us to wait until everyone was ready to pour the liquids into the other cups.

“Ok guys you have to pour the liquids into the corn syrup”. Amazingly we did not fail it was successful. Everybody gazed at the mystical little cup that everyone thought that was magic but it was time to leave , everyone sighed. So we marched down to class.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Complex Sentences

Complex sentences – clauses and conjunctions.
Change each sentence according to the instructions.
Remember to use commas to mark the clauses and don’t be afraid to add adjectives, adverbs and powerful verbs!
  1. Add a verb opening to the beginning (add more action) and extend the sentence using so.
The cat sat on the mat so that meant that everybody would try and dodge the cat if they were walking past it.
  1. Add an adverb opening to the beginning (explains the action) and extend the sentence using as.
The man opened the door as his dog came sprinting towards him.
  1. Add extra information to explain the noun (using who, which that, whose) and extend using although.
The girl walked into the classroom although she had walked through the door the teacher already marked as absent .
  1. Add a time phrase to set the scene and extend using because.
Dad lit the fire because there was nothing around them accept for the trees and pitch black sky.
  1. Add a place phrase to set the scene and extend using when.
The football flew through the air when the goalkeeper hacked the ball away.
Here’s a tricky one!!
  1. Add an opening of your choice, extra information (who, which, whose and that) and extend using a conjunction of your choice.

The shark swam swiftly, but the fish was to fast for him