Friday, March 28, 2014

Reading DLO A Tour Like No Other

List the sub headings in the article.Briefly summarise what the article is about.  How long ago was it?  
The t
Some of the Players
Stopping the tour
Supporting the tour
Old Rivals
Apartheid:  South Africa Divided ...
Springboks vs Manawatu
Versus the All Blacks
The Final Score
The Tour

Is there a map/diagram in the article?  What does it tell us?  What other text features are used in the diagram/map?  What page is it on?
The map of New Zealand is about the public opinion about the Springbok tour It is exactly like a election for the prime minister. It also shows little circles that have three different colours blue is for No that they do not want them white is for people who have no idea and green is for Yes that they do want the tour to come to New Zealand. Also the map is located on page 4.

Are their photos? What pages and what are the photos of?   What do they show us?  
There are photos on page 2,3 and 4 page 2’s photos are of all the police lined up ready for any crazy like protesters. Page 3 is one of the earlier games between the two rivals The All Blacks and the South african Springbok. On Page 4 there are two different pictures the first one is of Robert Muldoon he strongly believed that politics should stay out out of sport. Lastly the next photo is the protesters trying to get their message out there by trying to pull down gates.
Is there a time line?    What page?  What does it show us?

The timeline is probably mostly populated in the text boxes and also near the pictures that shows what time did it happen and it is on every page.  

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  1. Jabez,
    My name is Holly Shaw and I am an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama. I love how creative your blog is. You did a great job at describing the photos and what pages they were on. I also like how you broke up your post into three distinct areas. Keep up the great work!


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