Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

Kua hui Mai nei
Who have Gathered here

Ki tenei Wahi
To this place

Ki te kawe mai
 To bring

I nga whakaaro pai
Good thoughts
Ka nui te aroha
Great is the love

Mo to koutou manawanui
for your dedication

Ki te hui hui mai

Ki te ako
To learn

I nga mahi
The work
E pa ana ki tenei hui
this gathering

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Golf ball Movie

Golf Ball Question from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Triangle Question

Triangle Question from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Poi Question

Tui is making poi for the kapahaka. She need .68 metres of material to plait for each of cords. She needs to make 26 poi. She has 18m of cord. Has she got enough?

yes she has enough because 

10 x .68 = 6.80, 10 x.68=6.80 13.60,3.40 =17.68 so she has enough

Roses Around The Petal

First you will need five dice

Then you roll

Now you have to line all the dice up and count the dots on the edges of the dice.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Falling Satellite

A huge satellite fell in somewhere around in the atlantic ocean it fell in an burned in the atmosphere. Some bits of it fell into Eastern Asia and the Western Pacific but there luckily no
one was injured.
They called it ‘Ferrari Of Space’ because of it slick design, It was designed to fall to earth after its fuel ran out. Scientist believe that most of the body bits have been burnt as it was falling down.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Sample

The wind blew Terry’s hair as her stubby legs carried her to the end of the empty street. Suddenly she saw something walk by. Terry was going to have a good look to see if it was actually a person so she walked a little bit further. Up against the wall she quickly poked her head out but there was no man there was just the wind kicking leaves. Suddenly she felt the wind drop and it was just calm and silent “weird” Terry thought in her mind. When she turned around she saw some more things walk by she wanted to investigate some more but her fear rose higher and higher every second she was in the place.

Deciding between walking home or staying in an abandon house she asked herself “which one is easier for me”?. So she decided that she would stay in the abandoned area until the sun rose for the next day. So off she skipped looking at all the houses, after a period of time she found just the right house to stay in for the night so she anxiously walked in through the wide open door. Surprisingly it still had every cupboard  everything that you need in a house.

She gently pushed the door “Screech” the door went “click” the door closed she took a deep breath and took one step at a time. The sunlight turned into darkness it was Terry’s worst nightmare  she leaped onto the couch and covered her whole body with blankets she started to regret staying here. But suddenly she heard a footstep she grew in fear when suddenly a hand touched her “Aaaaaah” she screamed as she threw off the blankets and ran to the other side of the house. But then the was a voice “Little girl its alright” she poked her head out to have a look this time it was an actual human being .

She shyly walked towards this stranger but she took little baby steps “what are you doing here” asked the stranger “ I-I I’m staying here for the night” replied Terry. “Come on little girl I’ll take you in the morning” the stranger answered. The darkness turned into brightness “Its morning already” she thought. She stomped upstairs to go wake up the stranger she shook his bed as hard as she could he woke up with a huge yawn “ok little girl lets walk you back to town”.

So off they went.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Spooky House

I glared at the paper in my hand and quickly checked the box to see if I was at the right place and there It was the right destination. I was really trembling inside and reluctant to go in . The house looked spooky . I took a deep breath and started walking on the rocky driveway,  the rocks crunched as I took one step at a time. But I Didn't see the house because the house was partly hidden by the gigantic bushes.  

My First Day of School

Jumping out of the car I walked  with my mum as she guided me through the hallways and through the gardens of Pt England School. Arriving to my class I gripped my mum's hand tightly. “Get in there “ mum said but I refused so than I hid behind her tall black shadow. Suddenly she went so I had no chance. I entered i n and quickly and rocked down to the  back. I sat there just stiff and quiet then the teacher introduced me to the class,When she did I just stood there like a pole. Not one word slipped out of my mouth. Staunchly I walked back and I sat on the nice warm carpet.

Suddenly the bell rang and the class all stampeded off. But I just sat there.  Suddenly  Miss Wild told me to run off and get some lunch so I did. I ran down to the playground hoping that no one would come up to me and talk. But my luck ran out a boy came and tried to talk to me and suddenly I froze for a while then I said “hello” so than we  became friends.

“Ring Ring “ the bell screamed all the children ran as fast as they could. Back into the class I went still sitting at the back. “Okay class lets do some reading”demanded the teacher. We all grabbed a book and read, like read until our eyes started to cramp but really none of us knew how to read so we just stalked the pages. We all walked exhaustedly to the mat. “RING RING” the bell rang “off you go” said Miss WIld we all scampered away outside.