Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie rules

Waiting at the field, room19 suddenly came Megan and Alysa started telling us how to play Aussie rules. Running to get a ball Megan teach us how to hand pass.

The weather was crazy raining at first then next minute sunny. Then the blustering wind kicked
in it was like we had three seasons in a day the wind blew around sand and mud. My eyes were getting wet as I rub my eyes.

We were warming up by playing jumper bumper we had to try and knock over our partner. Then she taught us how to kick the ball straight. We had to run to the court and do the bouncing skill. We had to bounce the ball ten times on the ground and Neal on our knee.

Then we had a game of kick baseball we had split into to teams it was like baseball kicking
ball it went out of the diamond. I got to the first base but Cruz caught the ball. It was a close game but we won.

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  1. Hey Jabez. I like how you added lots of detail to your story, it was like I was there, jokes I was there. Your picture, looks cool.


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