Monday, July 16, 2012

Immersion Assembly

Sitting on the ground I was half asleep as the music banged into my ears there was a sudden shock. As immersion assembly commenced it was a speech from Mr J. He shouted loud and proud “are you ready Team one’’ he said “Yes” the year ones shrieked . The movie started it was amazing as we got to see the greatest New Zealand athletes that participated in the olympics. The movie ended with the words 'go for gold' that is the topic for this term.

As Team one finished are you ready Team 2 we were shocked when he said it because we were still applauding like crazy. We glared at the movie on the big screen the coldness was surrounding the hall the movie dashing up the stairs. Mrs Barks and her team they were all over the place they were great though. Finally Team three began with a big bang  it was so great with Miss Walters and other teachers I loved it they were the best so far. Then it was Team four we screamed and clapped it was like a herd of animals.

I felt that it was the best ever immersion assembly for me and Team four was the best because they had heaps of funny moments and heaps of time to fill in extra bits and details. I really loved it, it was fantastic. Mr S. was a synchronised swimmer that liked to hook fish. Walking back to class the Immersion assembly was great.

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