Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rugby Union Tournament

Friday morning commenced we ran to the staffroom with our coach rob eagerly waiting for the rugby tournament to begin, we dressed up and went for a little practise session. Walking down to the reserve we had butterfly's in our stomach. The referee blew the whistle chasing and tackling try after try we won our first game seven to zero. We triumphed the next three games as we came to the fourth suddenly tiredness struck us. But we breezed through that match.

It came to the final game the whistle blew the ball went flying through the air try and try again everyone went off the field and back on. It was the most fearsome game in the whole thing finally it was half time  we waisted Bailey Roads teams energy in the first half. So rob said that we had to play as like use are at the Auckland champions kicking and driving over in the ruck we played as hard as we could.  Finally we won the game celebrating with the win rob shouted to us that we were going Auckland champions.

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