Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Reflection

1. Message
Think about what the message was/should have been.
How well did the movie convey it?
Max’s movie because they had different types of angle shots.

2. Filming techniques
Steadiness/Use of tripod
Sound quality
Try different shots and angles

3. Acting
Use of expression to convey different emotions
Convincing interaction between characters (if there is any)
The acting was good because they timed their singing and shots.
4. Graphics
What is the quality? Are they detailed? Do they include detailed backgrounds
Have they been drawn not traced?
They did not trace any of their backgrounds  
They had a few details/quality
5. Animations
Are the animations realistic/smooth
Are they complex
yes it was realistic
it wasn't complex at all
6. Flow
Do the scenes progress logically? Does the movie connect well from one scene to the next?

The scenes flow well because they match.

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