Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tangle Explanation

Did you know a tangle has no beginning and no end?  The teachers assigned us a task, this task was to make a class tangle pattern. This tangle pattern would represent our whanau Panuba. Everyone got a piece of paper to contribute to the tangle pattern.

What is a tangle pattern? A tangle pattern is when each person has a piece of pattern to complete to draw a pattern of their own choice. When everyone has finished their pattern you have to connect them all together to create your tangle. But first we had to think out our whole entire process. We started by looking for the right pattern.

First we had to sketch our pattern the pattern that I choice was a original maori pattern. Than we headed straight into outlining it with a fine tipped pen I decided to choose a very dark blue. After we completed this we colored it until we were pleased with the outcome.Once everyone had completed their piece it was time to put them all together.

This collaborative effort resulted in our class class tangle pattern. Which looks so cool on the wall.

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