Friday, August 22, 2014

Colour Wheel


relax his students andPrimary Colours
The primary colours are probably the most important colours of them all you have your yellow red and also blue. Without the three primary colours there would be no such thing as colours. Because these three colours mix into other colours. For example your yellow and your red if you mix these two colours it will make an orange. Also if you mix red and blue it will end up as violet.
Secondary Colours
The secondary colours are your oranges violets and your greens these three colours are made up from the three primary colours and that is why they are called secondary colours. As I said the primary mix into one of these three colours.
Tertiary Colours
The tertiary colours are a combination of the secondary and the primary colours. There are six different tertiary colours which  are red-orange, yellow-green,yellow-orange,blue-green, blue violet,and also red-violet. Or it can be made out of two secondaries.

Hopefully this explanation of the primary secondaries and Tertiary colours helped you to understand all the different variety of colours and also how to mix the primary colours to make them into the secondary colours.

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