Friday, November 1, 2013

My First Day of School

Jumping out of the car I walked  with my mum as she guided me through the hallways and through the gardens of Pt England School. Arriving to my class I gripped my mum's hand tightly. “Get in there “ mum said but I refused so than I hid behind her tall black shadow. Suddenly she went so I had no chance. I entered i n and quickly and rocked down to the  back. I sat there just stiff and quiet then the teacher introduced me to the class,When she did I just stood there like a pole. Not one word slipped out of my mouth. Staunchly I walked back and I sat on the nice warm carpet.

Suddenly the bell rang and the class all stampeded off. But I just sat there.  Suddenly  Miss Wild told me to run off and get some lunch so I did. I ran down to the playground hoping that no one would come up to me and talk. But my luck ran out a boy came and tried to talk to me and suddenly I froze for a while then I said “hello” so than we  became friends.

“Ring Ring “ the bell screamed all the children ran as fast as they could. Back into the class I went still sitting at the back. “Okay class lets do some reading”demanded the teacher. We all grabbed a book and read, like read until our eyes started to cramp but really none of us knew how to read so we just stalked the pages. We all walked exhaustedly to the mat. “RING RING” the bell rang “off you go” said Miss WIld we all scampered away outside.

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