Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our Swimming Sessions

During the last two weeks we have been going down to the Glen Innes ywca pools in the afternoon to have some swimming lessons. So firstly we head in and go straight to the toilets and change into our togs. We dip into the pool and wait for our first instructions. “First you are going to practise your freestyle” and we did so back and forth we practised our freestyle until the swimming instructor announced that we have to do it non-stop three laps without touching the ground. We all looked eager to see who would complete the challenge that was assigned. One by one we all kicked off the wall and started swimming when we reached half the length of the pool you could see that most of us are dying out already. It was like fighting to survive in the water most of us made the first one but by then our legs were worn out but on we went. Ready to make another lap, arm after arm kick after kick our legs got tired but luckily we made it and still most of us never touched the ground.

We all held onto the wall to have a little rest. “Go! go! go!” the instructor interrupted two by two we left one in each lane. Quarter the way we all felt like giving up but no we couldn’t  we kept on swimming and finally we hit the other end of the pool and than we all floated on the top of the water like boats. “twenty minutes left to go” said the swimming instructor. But twenty minutes was not enough for us.

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