Monday, April 14, 2014

The Night Of Fia Fia!

The big Fia Fia night was a couple of weeks ahead of us and each group would have to perform in front of thousands of people. We would have practises every thursday to perfect each one of our moves and when perfected we had to practise our on and off the stage just to see if we could fit.So as you can see fia fia night is a very special occasion for Pt England School. It's where we show off the different cultures and its where we embrace them as well.

Pulling up to the front of the school with my family I hopped out anxiously as the stage waited for me and my group. Suddenly I saw the crowd it was packed in their hundreds maybe thousands so I walked with my mum to the holding room which was the staff room. As I entered I see most of the other boys just getting ready. “Come here so we can change you into your costume” demanded my mum , so I went towards her and she pulled out my costume out of a plastic bag. When I put it on it felt my heart race as I just realised that my family would be watching me up there on the stage. All the boys were set and ready to go but first we had a serious group talk about representing our parents grandparents aunties uncles and especially ourselves.

We ended the group talk with a little short prayer we all stood up nervously as Mr Jacobson said that we have to go and sit outside in our bare chests except that we had something that came from our shoulder and wrapped around our chest we all grab a spear each and walk through the library and out into the bitter coldness where the stage waited for us.

As we walked towards the seating area we heard a really big cheer for all the groups we went to the place where we were meant to sit and sat. First there was a video that showed us not to go past the taped areas and do not interfere with any of the groups that are on the stage. As we sat the Opening act came which was obviously the Senior Kapa Haka. But then we found out that we were going on 15th we had to wait in the dark cold night for an hour and thirty minutes but it did not bother us in any way at all.

Second was the Jnr Pounamu they shortly did a haka and a nice song and off they went. The MC’s came onto the stage and introduced the bollywood crew everyone clapped in joy as the bollywood song played and went louder and louder. They danced with passion and grace everyone thought. When they went off the stage the nervous Snr Hip Hop group went on and had a blast and a fun time with their dance routine. Then off they went and on with the middle samoan group. When they finished their traditional dance they jumped off as quickly as possible so the asian group could carry the dragon.

Straight after the Asian group on went the Snr Samoan group they looked very confident and confident they were they started great and ended great. On and off they went group by group , then they said it was our time to go on all of a sudden when we got up you could hear the loudest cheer I had ever heard we each grabbed a spear and off into the darkness right next to the stage.I nervously stood there as my groups time awaited us then they announced that the tongan boys had to come on the stage after we had performed we confidently ran off the stage and went back to sit down.

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  1. Hi Jabez

    I really like your work. you have lots of detail. my favourite item was when Jacobs Group when on Precisely That. Anyways Keep up the lovely work Mahino.

    Malo Rocky


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