Friday, August 26, 2011


Last Thursday we went to badminton with Donna from sport Auckland she told us the two grips. One was the forehand and backhand. Then we all rushed to get a racket and shuttle. Spectacular swings and misses Donna told us come sit down when I blow the whistle.

Serving awkwardly, it was hard to keep eye coordination quick body movements were needed. Collisions between me and my partner as we got use to badminton at pt England. Donna blew her whistle we dashed to the floor. Miss King had to chose a volunteer to help play badminton soccer.

Demonstrating how we were going to play we got up and started playing. Whirring and whizzing ,perseverance and determination we wanted to so badly. Hitting the the shuttle it soared right at the opposition.

Setting up the nets the boys were at one net and the girls at the other. Serving and swinging everyone was out but Uili was the only one staying in. A nice powerful hit spiralled at him he swung his racket, hoping he would hit the shuttle.

Enjoyable fun and enjoyment was on lots of people faces. Lining up for class Miss King told us to stay behind . Me and some other boys to help put the nets down and the rackets in the bag.

I found badminton fun and enjoyable. I found it frustrating too. But at the end I really liked it.

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