Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shuttle launch

Waiting anxiously I was strapped to my chair the only question on my mind was that was I going to make it through this. The shuttle was going to launch in ten seconds.

Bright, intense flames were shooting out like guns. Booster ignition the commander said, the rocket boosters shook and shudder as we waited for the countdown in fear what was going to happen next?. I was very shaky before the launch.

Nervously the rocket lifted off, our lives were on the line . We left a trail of smoke and fire it was a dangerous adventure our stomachs were shuddering. We were just minutes away from reaching our destination.

The rocket was reaching the blue sky when we were there we went higher and higher until we reached outta space.

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  1. Hello Jabez! You have done a great job writing your story. I like how you used a simile in your writing when you said the flames were shooting like guns. Wonderful work!


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