Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Ben Carson

Rushing into our lines like a pack of animals we jumped onto the bus the bus was crowded with kids an teachers it was so loud that my ears were going to fall off. Driving on the road we had to jam up and stand up. We were traveling to telstra clear event center to meet Ben Carson,Racing the other bus on the motorway. In the middle of the motorway along came another bus jammed with another school. As we were halfway there It got even louder and louder.

Entering the big and fancy building there was graffiti everywhere of the greatest new Zealand people. We entered the main room eventually we caught up with traffic jams of kids and we tried to squeeze through. Walking straight up the stairs felt like I lost thousands of pounds. Sitting down was a heavenly feeling for me there were a few arrangements with the seats. Along strolled the host and introduced himself he told us wicked stories.

Running up the steps was Ben Carson we were cheering and screaming he came up first there was a movie about how he had grown up as a child the first part showed how he couldn't control his anger. Then he told us how many of us know when our birthday is every one from different schools raise there hands like they were being controlled. Then he said the kids thought he was the dumbest in the class then there was a teacher that hold a rock can anyone tell me whats this is. Ben put his hand up everyone thought that it was going to be funny but he said the right answer.

We rushed back to school in a big hurry.


  1. Hi Jabez.I like our story about Dr Ben Carson you got a good story. I like Dr Ben Carson he is the best I like Him his good at read story and I Like the picture too!

    1. Sorry I forgot to edit: Hi Jabez. I like your story about Dr Ben Carson you wrote a good story. I liked Dr Ben Carson he is the best. He was good at reading his story and I liked the pictures too!


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