Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Black Hole 10 sentences

1. Why on earth would you do this ?
2. During his nightly shift , he started to get sleepy.
3. In his boring office job david mason worked.
 4. With a sigh David,while printing very slowly David stumbled upon a weird looking black hole
5. Nervously dipping his hand through the mysterious hole david worked hard.
6. Walking steadily to the vending machine with his paper he was still think of what this magical thing could do.
7. Bravely he held the paper as he carefully put his hand through the machine and he pulled out a chocolate bar.
8. great relief as he put his hand in the safe greedily thieving money.
9."Holy smoke David said as he took money out of the safe with ease.
                            10.Suddenly he stumbled into the safe , with the black hole falling off he was stuck.

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