Monday, March 4, 2013

Lolliepop Momments

What is a “Lollipop Moment”? A lollipop moment is like you do something small that makes a big difference in someone elses life.

What is the main message behind this story?  The story is about leadership that your talent holds power in your own way.

How could you help create “Lollipop Moments” in your family or school? If my mum was so busy doing dishes I would ask to do.

Think about the above ideas and craft at least 2 paragraphs that discuss the main ideas in the movie. Post the story on your blog along with embedding the youtube  `
It is our light,not our darkness that frightens us. As long as we make leadership bigger than ourselves we don't expect it.And you can affect people in  a big way.

Lollipop moments can be very special or very not so special And lollipop moments mean that something you do very small makes a person’s life.Once there was a girl who thought that University was too much for her so she went and waited in the line to get in. And the guy had a bucket full of lollipops and handed it out. Than when he got too the girl there was a guy next to her the guy handed the lollipop in embarrassment.

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