Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jabez and Ahsin - The Suprise

Once upon a time: There was a lad named Johnny he was strolling to the kentucky fried chicken aka kfc to get him something to eat. Everyday: he would enjoy the special flavours of the eleven special herbs and spices that the colond had to offer. But one day: johnny couldn’t decide what to eat because he only had 10 dollars, because of that he saw a great offer he could only buy 10 chicken wings.

Because of that: he wanted something else to eat rather the 10 chicken wings. Because of that: he didn't really want to buy kfc anymore.
Until finally: he went to another fast food place called Mac’Ds Johnny thought it was a big surprise. Ever since: that happen johnny went to Mcdonalds everyday. The moral of the story: IS NOT TO EAT FAT FOOD

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