Wednesday, May 29, 2013

200 word story

I grew up in a very poor environment. Everyday was just a normal day, until a new restaurant moved in -  this would change everything. They sold beastly burgers.
Every Morning I would visit. I glared at the window as I saw there was the biggest burger my eyes have seen. I looked at the price $50.00 I freaked out I knew I couldn’t afford it. I ran home knowing that I had to get that special burger. The next day I broke my piggy bank but I only had thirty dollars. I waited for dark before I made my move.

As I creeped up to the store suddenly I stopped my mind had second thoughts my mind was playing up. I started to think about what I was about to do suddenly my back hit the floor my eyes closed shut I blacked out.  I woke up still lying on the floor.
It was still night, so I rushed up onto the roof of the restaurant and to my surprise I saw a door I dived through the door. The burger was in sight I snatched the beastly burger, Busted down the door and ran like a madman.

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  1. Hey Jabez I like the way you wrote this story and that was a very bad idea of steeling just a burger.



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