Monday, July 8, 2013

Prospective Student

Desperately climbing for dear life the boy was scared of the towering mountain. All of a sudden his hand slipped. Quickly he held on the ledge of the mountain. The breeze pushed against his face which made this even harder. Struggling to pull himself up he thought he was going to fall but his determination was overpowering. He reached the top he waited at the top to catch his breath. “Phew that was tough” he said quietly.

He walked towards the door of the dojo to his amazement the door was gigantic he waited in front of the door suddenly the door opened the sensei popped out he glared at the boy and then pointed to the right and slammed the door . The student thought he had to prove himself so he meditated day and night. He opened his eyes and the sensei was standing right in front of him.

But then again he still pointed to the left and slammed the door. So the student walked down the stairs and then anger began growing inside him. So he went back knocked on the door and the sensei came out the student dramatically made his stance.

Still the sensei pointed to  the left and slammed the door shut so he looked too the left “Use the side entrance” it said the student was embarrassed.

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