Monday, July 8, 2013

Twisted Fairytale

Once  upon a time there was a little boy, named Little Purple Riding Hood. He was playing outside his yard then his mum said, “son could you please go and give grandpa these cookies, He replied, “Yes, Mum”. He jumped on his bike and pedaled away into the dangerous woods, where there was a legend that said “If you dare enter, Watch out!”, but He did not know anything.

As he was peddling, he saw some scary eyes lurking out of the bushes. Also he heard some scary noises like, Awwww, BLEHH and Ewwwlaa, “Man I need to get out of these woods,” he thought to him self. Then his tire popped. He was so scared because it was getting pretty dark. Suddenly a scary bloody Zombie jumped out of the bush and said “BRAINS, BRAINS”.  Little Purple riding hood had an accident in his pant’s, he dropped his bike and ran as fast as he could. He ran and ran until he could run no more. Just as he was about to collapse he saw a strange candy house and jumped through the window.  

He looked inside the room and saw a witch fast asleep on the couch and a phone next to her. I needed to call home to tell his mum what had happened. He sneaked into the room and took the phone but it was cut. Then the witch woke up and chased the Boy into the lounge. Then he saw a escape pod and jumped in it and Flew away

Then he reached the Grandpas house and Parachuted down and entered the house. As he was walking he was Calling his grandpas name “Anthony, GRANDPA?”. Then sitting on the bed was Three pig’s then I wondered if I had gotten the right house, but I had gotten the right address.
But then I heard a Sound in the Basement, I went in and he was in a Coffin Looked, screaming help, so then I went and got him I gave him his cookie’s and left. The End:)

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