Friday, December 13, 2013

Action World

Pulling up in front of action world our eyes expanded as we glared at the really towering obstacles we could do. So we walked in towards the gate one by one as all of us entered we all felt like running around like mad people but we had to stay. The teachers introduced us to all the people in charge of their obstacles. We split into four groups hopped in a line and went off . First We tried the high fall after a couple of turns the horn blew and we went to the next obstacle.

Next we tried the rock climbing wall but before we could climb to the very top and ring the bell we had to practise falling on our backs. After everyone had a go we switched to the next obstacle and on and on until we had our little lunch break. While stuffing food in our mouths they opened the high wire and the jousting bridge.

After a while of eating my stomach was full and they announced that we could have free time for the rest of the day. So off we ran running like a herd of wild animals jumping on all the obstacles we wanted to stay the whole day but we knew that we couldn’t. I tried out the crazy ladder and failed but I wanted to try and finish it but again I failed.

Next I went to the jungle swing one swing then the second and then the third when I reached the fourth my arms started to strain my grip was worn out and then suddenly my hands just slipped and I fell down to the soft mats. After another while of playing around we had

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  1. Hi Jabez,

    that look like to much fun to me but was it only that you guys did . I hope i can go there some time


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