Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Netbook Reflection


When I was new at point england school I had received a chromebook for the year to use to do work.Having the opportunity to have a chromebook/netbook was a huge experience for me.It really helped me to imrove in my learning and others as well.

The special thing that I learnt this year from my teacher was to work hard and communicate with others.The key things that my teacher has taught me this year was to do the best you can,try your best and to be the best you can .My teacher for 2013 was Miss King.

I have learnt a few things which are:

-How to take care of my chromebook

-The point england way

-Be a role model

-Treat others respectfully(especially elders)

-Be honest

And also to be kind to others that are around you.

I have learnt many things from my family which was to be humble,to listen to your teacher,Show some manners,help out,don't be cocky,sharing is caring(NOT LUNCH) and I have made many connections around the world by our blogs for the past few years.

I have helped out other people by teaching them new things that they have not known.

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