Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Badminton Session

Our Badminton Session
The clock ticked past nine and it was time to head for our first badminton session. As we walked through the hall doors we saw our mentor standing in front of the stage. Headed straight to him he asked if we could just sit down in front of him so we did as he said. Once we sat down he started to introduce himself first he said his name Robbie then he commanded us to line up in a single file line and we did he then handed out a rack and shuttle each. We all spreaded out all over the hall. We practised our two grips our fore hand and our backhand first we practised our fore hand just hitting the shuttle up into the air and hitting it again and again. After a few minutes Robbie stopped us to teach us how to do our back hand.

After he taught us how to do our backhand grip we all rushed to our places and started to practise our backhand up and down we hit the shuttle consistently until we missed and then it hit the floor. After five minutes of practising he called us in to have a little team chat. Agreeing to the challenge from robbie that we would use both our grips to hit the shuttle up and down. It seemed that it was harder than it looked. Robbie gave us a couple of extra minutes to practise our grips , after all the time vanished it was time for a team drill.

He demanded us to get a partner and hit it back and forth to each other so we did as he said and kept practising and practising up down back and forth but suddenly Robbie interrupted and said that we were going to have a little competition. "Which two partners can hit the shuttle back and forth" said Robbie so we all lined up in our lines and then we started serving then hitting it as close to each other as possible so we could hit it straight back. When the last pair was still standing Robbie called for another round. 

So we all got up and started swinging surprisingly in the end it was me and my partner that were the last standing. Robbie called off the challenge and told us to come sit in front of him ready to go back to class. We all waved and said goodbye to Robbie as we headed out the door. We were all anxious for our next session.

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