Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

I Like to move it move it

Entering the hall with a high expectation for the teachers performances surprisingly there was balloons everywhere lined up perfectly it was a very different immersion assembly to everyone. First up was team 1 there video was of them going to the zoo and they were going to study about the zoo on how things work around the zoo area then Mr Burt announced that it was time for team 2 but first he showed us a picture of a flying house tied to thousands of balloons from the movie Up. So we had a try to see how many balloons would it take to try and carry up a little squishy taxi toy. He tied on the first five and nothing happened everyone was astonished that even with five balloons a little toy car could not float.

So then they tied on another five which made ten we had a breakthrough it floated but then it came back down again everybody scratched their heads in amazement that a little toy car could cause this much effort. So then Mr Burt announced that it was time for another five balloons he suddenly it started to float all the little kids were amazed as they saw something really different. The amazement was gone after a few minutes than Mr Burt quickly said “Team 2 everyone” everybody erupted with happiness. Team 2 came on there theme was airplanes in how they work and what they need in order to work. As team 2 was coming off Mr Burt interrupted and started throwing little squishy rugby balls towards us.  

Jumping everywhere everybody wanted a ball but there was only a little amount so when all the balls were gone there were no more. “Its time for Team 3” shouted Mr Burt. We all cheered and clapped them as they went on the stage, They were dressed in many different colours green red blue yellow they were almost the rainbow their theme for the term was about colours to reflect onto other colours to see a different colour. “Confused” Mrs Barks said everybody sat in silence as they were confused. Than Mr Burt interrupted again and started throwing more squishy white rugby balls.

The teachers of team 3 quickly hopped off and went to their seats “Its time for ?” yelled Mr Burt “Team 4” everybody shouted back team 4 confidently walked on the stage with pirate costumes and fishermen gear their video was about buoyancy and how water works in many different ways and how stuff can float. “Teaaaaam 5” screamed Mr Burt team 5 quickly ran to the front of the stage with weird things suddenly they blowed banged and threw things and they made noises all the little kids were amazed it was like a very own teacher school band. The end music played and off everyone went to their class.

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  1. It is going to be an exciting term this term with lots of science learning.


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