Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Towers

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Rain pouring down on the first day of term 2, we split into teams of six as the challenge began. We were to build the tallest and strongest tower out of only drinking straws. The teams raced to start building foundations and plan ideas, as they were trying to be creative. In the middle of the of the challenge, Mrs King yelled out 20minutes left to go. We all stepped up our game and starting rushing like crazy people.

When half of our materials were used there were 5minutes left. Cameras coming from different angles. 2minutes to go and we all stabilized our straw towers and tried to organize them at the same time. Stop! We all lifted up our work and put it on the blue table. We did this activity because we had to cooperate with the class and my team came first place. After that Mrs King took a photo of us.

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