Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Term 3 Immersion Assemby

-Around the world athletes
-Athletes competing in sports.
       - Rhythmic Gymnastics - on stage
- Potato sculpture
- Around the World
   The Immersion Assembly
The first morning back to school and it was off to the hall for the immersion assembly. As we entered the hall we saw all the teachers in their costumes and also on the large projector was the main theme for the term which is Game On. Suddenly Mr Jacobson came out in his mountain bike. Speechless was the reaction from the new entrants. Off he went and up to the microphone and spoke about all the different bikes he had and all the great experiences  he's had with them.  Than he changed the subject to Miss Tito who was on the stage cycling on a bike. Then she introduced us to her weird shoes that had things on the bottom that stuck on to the pedals of the bike so she can't fall off the bike. Then she told us about how long it takes to finish a triathlon, it holds three different challenges first swimming than biking and then running. Than it was time for the first video and act from team 1.

Their movie started off with showing some of th countries that are going to compete for the commonwealth games. Like Canada,New Zealand,Fiji,India,Bahamas,Mozambique and many more countries then a short video of the queen came up she had to evaluate all the different countries that were going to compete. After she had evaluated all the countries she gave a big “GAME ON!”. Then team 1 stood up and gave a big bow as team 2 was getting up on the stage ready for their movie.  Firstly it showed all th different sports that the commonwealth holds like sprinting, boxing, rowing, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and also other interesting sports. Then on with the movie and it was into some facts about how the games started and the history behind it. Then suddenly another queen popped up and declared that the games were on.

Soon after it was time for team 3 everyone gave a loud cheer as the teachers from team 3 walked up the stage. Firstly Mrs Barks revealed to us that there were going to do an act with a movie about Rhythmic Gymnastics. They danced and they pranced with many different items, the hoola hoop, balls, and long pieces of string with handles on the end. Tumbling and Falling by far team 3’s movie was the most entertaining passing and hitting back and forth to one another. Until they showed a proffesional video of all the different things that the girls do with the four different items. It showed perfected moves and their training had showed off through their performance. The look of trying to keep concentration while doing a frontflip.

During the exit of team 3 the fantastic team 4 came up, each teacher from their team were representing a country and they had to do a challenge which was called potato scalping. They introduced the referee and she pulled out a red card just to show off but suddenly it said that Canada was disqualified. But on with the challenge the referee blew the whistle off they went like mad dogs crafting and twisting and turning then it showed videos of the crowd doing mexican waves trying to encourage all their different teams. After team 4 came up it was off to team 5’s there theme for their movie was about around the world all the five teachers went to different countries far away from New Zealand like Mrs Nua went to spain and showed us photos of all the different experiences she had Miss Clarke went to New York and also showed all her different experiences and Also Mrs Squires who traveled all the way to Chile to see and also went to Peru to see Machu Picchu and Then Ms Paget  went all the way to Atlanta U.S.A .

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