Wednesday, July 23, 2014

AFL Writing

On a Wednesday afternoon class five always head to the courts for a little afl session. First our mentor Tim would tell us to have a little warm up game we would approximately warm up or about twenty minutes. Until it was time to learn a new skill this session we would learn the hand ball. You had to hold the footy in front of your belly button area and pretend that your were going to scoop ice cream and smash it onto the tip of the ball and that were the basics of the hand ball.  So then Tim challenged us to see how many you could do with your partner but without looking. All you could hear was the ball hitting the ground drop after drop after drop suddenly Tim interrupted and said that he would make it a bit easier. This time he allowed us to see but still some people kept on dropping it. Tim stopped the activity and on with the next the next skill was learning all the different marks such as the chest mark which is just catching it. The high mark is when you jump to catch the ball.

Also the low mark which is catching the ball near your legs and the next one is the speci mark which is making a diamond in between your hands and catch. Tim announced to us that we would be having another challenge to see if you could catch the ball with the mark that Tim had shouted catch after catch drop after drop the challenge got harder and harder as he shouted different marks as the ball was traveling through the air.

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