Thursday, October 25, 2012

Legend of Korra

In the two-part finale of Book One: Air, naval reinforcements from the United Forces, led by Zuko's grandson Iroh, are defeated by Equalist sea mines and biplanes. Attempting to find Amon, Korra learns that Tarrlok and Amon are both sons of the bloodbender Yakone, who was defeated some 40 years ago by Avatar Aang, as well as water- and bloodbenders. In a showdown with Amon at one of his rallies, Amon is able to strip Korra of her power to bend all elements but in desperation she unlocks her airbending. After Mako and Korra manage to overpower and publicly unmask Amon as a waterbender, Amon flees with Tarrlok, who later detonates their boat on the open sea. The despondent Korra finally manages to establish spiritual contact with her predecessor, Aang, who restores her bending powers, allowing her to do the same for Amon's other victims.

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