Friday, March 14, 2014

Complex Sentences

Complex sentences – clauses and conjunctions.
Change each sentence according to the instructions.
Remember to use commas to mark the clauses and don’t be afraid to add adjectives, adverbs and powerful verbs!
  1. Add a verb opening to the beginning (add more action) and extend the sentence using so.
The cat sat on the mat so that meant that everybody would try and dodge the cat if they were walking past it.
  1. Add an adverb opening to the beginning (explains the action) and extend the sentence using as.
The man opened the door as his dog came sprinting towards him.
  1. Add extra information to explain the noun (using who, which that, whose) and extend using although.
The girl walked into the classroom although she had walked through the door the teacher already marked as absent .
  1. Add a time phrase to set the scene and extend using because.
Dad lit the fire because there was nothing around them accept for the trees and pitch black sky.
  1. Add a place phrase to set the scene and extend using when.
The football flew through the air when the goalkeeper hacked the ball away.
Here’s a tricky one!!
  1. Add an opening of your choice, extra information (who, which, whose and that) and extend using a conjunction of your choice.

The shark swam swiftly, but the fish was to fast for him

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