Friday, March 21, 2014


Pyramids are very humongous, in ancient times they were used to mummify dead people and to put very well treasured things like gold and pots also necklaces. People now use them as a historical tourist attraction. Also to see things that walked many many years before our time. The Pyramids are extremely hard to make especially if you are going to make one that was exactly the same as the ancient ones, it would probably take you months even years. Although it just looks like a BIG pile of bricks stacked very neatly. Ancient Egyptians also used pyramids for many other reasons.

Finally people, slaves and kings slaves were probably one of those things that most kings needed in order to be kingly. If a king did not have slaves everyone would think that he was nothing but a king with no slaves. So slaves were very important they built most of the pyramids we see today. It was a hard working process with guards forcing them to work harder and burning under the flaming hot sun. Also they did not have much water to drink so many of the slaves died of thirst so this means that they would have to get even more slaves.

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