Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Hit the Ball & How to run the base

First of all you have to have a good stance before you hit the ball so the best option is to bend your knees to a 45 degree angle and put the bat just above your shoulder and then you have a really good stance and you are ready to hit the ball. Baseball was originally born in New York City and then it grew bigger and bigger. But it was most popular in America because the sport was home grown. Now if the pitcher can pitch really fast it is a better option to hit it as far as possible. You gotta watch the pitcher do a few practise throws so you know how he pitches.  

So when the ball travels towards you it is best if you would hit the ball near the tip of the bat or also called the sweet spot. If you hit it just right you could whack the ball out into space and back again. Now all you need left is running the diamond before the ball gets  to the base keeper. When you sprint towards the first base before getting to it you have to move your hips so you can turn touch the base and run off to the next.

So it means that before you get to a base you would have to swerve your hips before getting there. Moving your hips to a 40 degree angle is probably one of the best options before getting to the first base. But when you run towards the second base you have to turn your hips earlier than the first because you might have built up speed. So if you were running towards third base you would do exactly the same thing that you did for base one. Finally for the last for the last you don’t have to swerve or anything the last base is about speed and getting there before the fielders throw the ball at the backstop.

Hopefully that will help you with hitting a lot of home runs in your baseball games and help you with running the bases.

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