Friday, March 21, 2014

Science with Mr Barks

Firstly we have to walk all the way to class one, Then Mr Barks would come out and command us to come in quietly. So we did as he said. We ran in try look for a good place to sit to see all the demonstration “Ok Class today we are going to learn about density” density is mass simply it is the weight of something. Then he tells us about different liquids that density’s are different so we had a little demonstration from him. He stacked different liquids into a very small plastic cup to see if there would be three different layers. First he used corn syrup because it weighed the most later he added dishwash soap.

Later he added canola oil and the demonstration was successful it stayed three layers everyone was amazed as they saw a really weird thing happen right in front of their eyes. Finally Mr Barks announced that we were going to have a turn at doing the experiment. First Mr Barks filled three different plastic cups and told us to wait until everyone was ready to pour the liquids into the other cups.

“Ok guys you have to pour the liquids into the corn syrup”. Amazingly we did not fail it was successful. Everybody gazed at the mystical little cup that everyone thought that was magic but it was time to leave , everyone sighed. So we marched down to class.

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  1. Hi Jabez
    I really like your recount about Mr Barks and his science cant wait to hear more from your blog malo from Rocky


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